Making WooCommerce Images the Same Size and Uniform Without Cropping

Make your WooCommerce store look professional with product images that are all uniform and the same size. No cut-off, zero-configuration, and no more manual image editing and photo resizing.

Resizing Images Shouldn't Be a Nightmare

Auto-resize to Fit

Resizes the image to fit within the requested thumbnail width and height dimensions while preserving the original aspect ratio.


Trim Image Whitespace

Remove unwanted whitespace around image.

Custom Background Color

Set a custom background color of the emerging (new created) area to fit your website design.

Take Control of Generated Thumbnails

Prevent WordPress from auto-generating unwanted sizes to eliminate resources waste and keep things running as light as possible.

Boost Speed with WebP Format

WebP is the rockstart of image formats. It can reduce image size by up to 90% while still providing transparency and the same quality.

Convert to JPG for Faster Loading

Page speed is important when it comes to WooCommerce stores. Converting images to JPG format is highly advised to speed up pages.

Insert Watermark (Coming soon)

Insert an image or text to attract new potential customers through search engines, and keep images safe from unauthorized use.

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

A much needed plugin and very simple to use. In fact, now I can focus more on selling than worrying about how to right size and resize my product images.


I downloaded the free version and after 3 minutes I bought the PRO version. The plugin is EXCELLENT! For a year I didn’t know what to do with WooCommerce photos, because we have 30,000 imported products with different photos.


I am so impressed with this plugin. I never bother writing plugin reviews but this plugin blew my mind. Definitely upgrade.


I recommended this to a dev friend the day after I used it, he used it as well. (We both ended up getting the Pro version to leave it on, customers don’t care to crop their images on their own tbh).


Why Smart Image Resize Pro?

  • Make your store look professional with product images that are all uniform and the same size
  • No more manual image editing and photo resizing, your time is precious!
  • Zero configuration
  • Unlimited Images Resizing
  • All current and future features included
  • Pay once, use forever
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Purchase in confidence with our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Professional Huge saving!

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What payment methods do you accept?

Transactions are handled by Gumroad. You can safely purchase Smart Image Resize Pro with your PayPal account, or with a credit card.

How do I generate an invoice?

You'll find a link to generate an invoice in the purchase confirmation email. For more information read the Gumroad FAQ on invoices

How is VAT handled?

VAT is automatically handled by Gumroad. If you have a VAT ID you can enter it on your invoice, if you're not required to pay VAT, Gumroad will automatically issue a refund.

Can I upgrade to another plan later? and how much should I pay?

Sure! and you only pay the difference. Ready to upgrade now? Contact us

Can I transfer the Smart Image Resize Pro license key to another site?

Yes! Just deactivate the license key from your admin plugins page, and activate it on the new website.

How do I contact support?

Both licenses include priority support. Use the support form to submit your ticket.

Do you offer refunds?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, no worries, we offer a 14-days money-back guarantee. Contact us

Got more questions? contact us. We're just a click away!.

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